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This is the upgraded version of the original BC420. This time around it comes with a small discreet microphone! A must have for the private eyes that need more than just video. This is a favorite camera amongst private investigators, law enforcement, OGA (Office of the General Assembly) and secret shoppers. This product has also been used in conjunction with radio controlled toy cars and by ACTUAL professional car drivers. It can connect with one plug directly to a DVR and record, powered by 5V battery

Product Description

Quick Overview

Auto electronic shutter and white balance
RCA connection for video
Jewel black box carrying caseSpecifications
0.3 LUX. (Luminous Emmitance) which is an incredibly small amount of distracting light created by this product.
420 Lines of resolution
One cable 3 ring, 2.5mm gold
Physical Measurements: 19X19CM
BC420 Camera
Button covers, screw covers
Av plug
Audio Video RCA Adaptor


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