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Linear PCM Studio Quality Voice/Tel Recorder


Diasonic Technology sets the Standard for Digital Audio Recording Again with Linear PCM Voice/Telephone Recorder – The first and only Recorder With “Better than CD Quality” Voice and Telephone Recording! Introducing from Diasonic Technology, since 1992, the world innovators of digital audio technology, the DDR-5300 Linear PCM Pro pocket voice recorder. The world’s smallest digital voice recorder featuring uncompressed “broadcast quality” (Linear PCM) recording better than CD recordings. 1GB internal memory and micro SD card compatible up to 16GB, features up to 2465 hours of “on board” record time. Over 7 times more storage as other models, due to exclusive compression technology. Of course, time/date stamping and automatic file and folder advance (not found on other SD card compatible models) a must for evidence and telephone recording. Quality engineered and manufactured in S. Korea. When serious evidence recording, interviews, and note taking require only the best, the DDR-5300 Linear PCM Pro is the only game in town! Features EXCLUSIVE to DDR-5300 (compared to other SD card compatible portable voice recorders): * Broadcast and CD+ quality Linear PCM Compression- No more scratchy, hard to interpret evidence or interview recordings. The smallest portable recorder offering this state-of-the-art system. * Time/Date Stamping-A must for investigative recording. Each new recording has its own time/date. * Auto File/Folder Advance- For automatic telephone recording, each call has it own file with time/date stamp. Capable of recording hundreds of telephone calls unattended! * Longer Battery Life-17 hours continuous recording on a single set of “AAA” batteries. * Korean Engineered and Manufactured- under the strictest Korean standards. Other models claim “Korean technology” but are actually manufactured in China under lackluster manufacturing standards. * Stereo Mic Compatible-Actual live stereo recordings can be obtained by using the optional true stereo table microphone. For the very best in interview and law enforcement grade quality. * Direct FM Encoding-Built-in FM Stereo receiver- enjoy and record FM radio while not using your unit for business purposes * Direct MP3 Encoding- Download your favorite MP3 tunes for playback anytime. * Direct Audio Source Recording- via line in cable. Any audio source can be encoded for storage on internal memory or micro SD card. Great for scanner or other radio source monitoring. * Built-in External Sound Amplification-For hearing aid or group playback. * Firmware Upgradable via USB- The latest features can be added as they become available * Up to 16GB Micro SD Card Compatible – More than 7 times as much storage as other units. Up to 2465 recording hours. (145 Hours per GB) * “Massive” Mass Storage Device- Up to 17GB stores an incredible number of files.

Product Description

Quick Overview

Diasonic Technology sets the Standard for Digital Audio Recording Again with Linear PCM Voice/Telephone Recorder – The first and only Recorder With “Better than CD Quality” Voice and Telephone Recording!
Standard Great Features:
* Internal and External Microphone
* Voice-Activation
* USB 2.0 Mass Storage Device
* Line-In Encoding
* Included AC Adaptor for Continuous Recording
* Battery Powered (17 hours per set)
* Jet Black Color
* Microphone Sensitivity Control
* Selectable Recording Modes
* Cell Phone Recording Adaptor
* Various File Playback (MP3, WMA, WAV)
* Built-in Clock with Alarm
* Windows, Vista, and MAC Compatible Package
* AC Adaptor
* Universal Cell Phone Adaptor
* Standard Telephone Recording Adaptor
* USB Cable
* Tie Clip Microphone
* (2) “AAA” Alkaline Batteries
* Line in Cable
* Instruction Manual
* Stereo Earphones
* Neck/hand Strap
Optional Accessories:
* Stereo Table Microphone
* AC Adaptor
* Users Manual
* Users Manual


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