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Wireless Earpiece Kit


This spy earpiece kit is perfect for professionals in law enforcement, and security and protection personnel. The tiny ear bud fits into your ear and can receive audio transmissions from up to 3000′ away. Just place the wallet receiver into your pocket to receive a 1-way wireless transmission from the included radio. This complete kit comes complete with ear bud, a covert wallet receiver for use by the ear bud wearer, and transmission radio. Normally this kind of covert equipment is available only to high-end operations, but now it can be yours.

Product Description

Quick Overview

Walkie Talkie
Wireless Range Over 3000′ Wireless Range Earbud Runs
Battery life 15 Hours On 1 Battery
Channel 16 Channel
Max Volume 93 @ 3kHz
Wireless Earpiece
Dimension 3 x 5 x 7mm
Max Volume Output 3 kHz 93
General Volume Output 1kHz 73
Frequency 300Hz – 5kHz
Distortion Rate < 2%
S/N Ratio 2kHz > 50dB
Battery type Zinc Battery Style #416 (available anywhere)
Battery Life Battery Life 15 hrs.
Weight Weight (incl. battery) only 0.8g


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