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A new twist on an old favorite, this Home Spy is just like the original but now features a bank of ultra bright LED bulbs. This is by no means your ordinary motion sensitive flood light. When the light comes on so does the video and audio, dont just light up the trespassers, record what they are doing. Select the setting you want, sensitivity, audio alerts, night mode, record mode.It records onto a SD card that is secured in the unit, and once it runs out of memory it records over the oldest file, so you can just set it and forget it.

Product Description

Quick Overview

Color Camera
Weather Proof Design
Motion Light, Video and Audio Alarm
Time Date Stamp
2 pre recorded Audio alarms and 2 user recorded
Auto exposure control (white balance and sharpness)
Built in SD card Slot
Flood Light Time Delay
Sensitivity Control
180 degree motion sensor
Technical SpecsMotion detection up to 32.8 ft
10 frames per second (fps)
640×480 resolution
Jpeg / AVI file Format
Length 190mm
Width 180mm
Height 315mm
Weight 1.42kgs
CMOS sensor
90 degree Field of view (43 Degree Viewable)


1 HomeSpy LED
1 2GB SD card
1 User Manual
1 Allen Key
1 Set of Screws and Plastic Masonry Plugs
1 Set of Wire Nuts
1 Wall Mount (cross bar)


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