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Micro Wireless Pinhole Color Audio Camera + A/V Receiver(AF026)


Mini-Wireless Spy Color Audio Camera + A/V 1.2, 1.2Ghz Receiver. For indoor use and can record sound as well as video. Linear Transmission Distance: 50-100m Transmission Signal: Audio, Video Reception Sensitivity: +18dB

Product Description

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Demensions: 50x35x40mm (LxWxD)
Video Camera Parts: 1/3 CMOS, 1/4 Image Sensors
Effective Pixel: PAL: 628 x 582, NTSC: 510 x 492
Image Area: PAL: 5.78 x 4.19mm, NTSC: 4.69 x 3.45mm
Horizontal Definition: 380 Lines
Scanning Frequency: PAL/CCIR: 50Hz, NTSC/EIA: 60Hz
Minimum Illumination: 3 LUX
Sensitivity: +18DB-AGL On-Off
Electrical Level Output: 50mW
Frequency Output: 1.2Ghz
Transmission Signal: Audio, Video
Linear Transmission Distance: 50-100m
Voltage: DC+9V
Current: 300mA
Power Dissipation: 640mW


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