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As simple and powerful as possible from a handheld listening device, this audio spy gadget can let you hear conversations through walls and other barriers. So how does it work? Simple, you switch on the Inspector Gadget Audio Listening Device, insert the earphones, and then place the audio bug on the wall and listen to what’s being said. This spy audio gadget works by amplifying the vibrations of audio. When people are talking in a room their voices are simply a waveband, and depending on how loud they are talking, the waveband travels short and long distances which are picked up and amplified by this device.

Product Description

Quick Overview

Inspector Gadget Audio Listening Device
Materials: Molded Plastic with Internal Sound Amplifier
Onboard Buttons/Slots: 3.5mm Earphone Jack, USB IN, Sensor, ON/OFF Switch Button with volume Dial
Power: Built In Rechargeable Battery
Dimensions: L:43 x Diameter:36 (mm)
Works on wooden walls, doors, windows, steel plates, etc.
Highly Sensitive, carefully adjust audio slowly, as not to cause discomfort to your ear-buds
Earphone included
USB Cable included
Power Charger (110-220v)
Instruction Manual English


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