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RoyalTek RCD-3000 Bluetooth GPS Receiver / GPS Logger


The Device is equipped with the latest generation SiRF Star III digital processor specially designed for fast and accurate fix on GPS signals. The RCD-3000 will help you to drive safely, when the database has been downloaded, the device will compare your position using its built-in GPS antenna with the position of every known danger locations and give you an audible and visual warning as you approach them. With the latest in GPS technology, RCD-3000 device also can become a BT GPS Receiver to deliver GPS information. RCD-3000 will enhance your overall navigation experience.

Product Description

Quick Overview

An all-in-one GPS receiver with BT navigation, datalog.
* Records longitude, latitude, UTC time, altitude, and velocity at preset intervals for up to 500,000 points.
* Build in Li-ion battery, operation time over 8hours (average).
* Convenient transferring of logs files or database via mini USB connector.
* Multiple LED lights for power, Bluetooth, and GPS status.


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