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The Trackstick Pro is a tiny GPS recorder intended as a low cost alternative to real time tracking devices. Find out how to cut back on gas or improve your company’s delivery time with the Trackstick Pro. Emergency services can examine response times and driving avenues to help efficiency in saving lives. It’s the perfect solution for companies looking for a way to visualize ground or air transportation and validate vehicle, shipping, and trucking routes with satellite-mapped waypoints and Google™ Earth’s 3D model of the planet. Unlike the portable Trackstick models, the Trackstick Pro is conveniently powered by an included cigarette-lighter plug, and can even be hard-wired and mounted to any vehicle, inside or out, with the advantage of screw pads and a weatherproof case. An internal software alarm will time-stamp any power interruptions and can be viewed when the data is downloaded. And it works anywhere on the planet. Traveled locations can be shown via a red line that is traced on satellite photos and 3D terrain using the latest mapping technologies from Google™ Earth. Trackstick continuously records its exact route, stop times, speed, direction, and other valuable information, all of which can be quickly downloaded and viewed on your computer. No monthly fees are required and Trackstick Manager, the most advanced tracking and geo-photo tagging software on the market, is provided freely in our download section. Dimensions 2½” X 2” X ¾” Storage 4Mb of flash memory records months of travel histories Connection USB 2.0 Power Runs on 5 to 24 volts DC with less than 6mA during normal operation Accessories Cigarette lighter plug, detachable cradle Receiving signal L1 (1575.42MHZ) C/A Code Positioning SPS autonomous Hot start 9 seconds (max) Warm start 37 seconds (max) Cold start 52 seconds (max) Horizontal accuracy 2.5 meters Operating temperature -30° to 80° C (-22° to 176° F) Maximun logged speed 300 km/hr (locations are still recorded above this speed) Receiver channels 16 Satellites tracked 12 Tracking sensitivity -133db (typical) Temperature recorder -10°C to 60° C (14° to 140° F)

Product Description

Quick Overview

The Trackstick Pro is a tiny GPS recorder intended as a low cost alternative to real time tracking devices.


# Weatherproof case

# Can be hard-wired and powered by any vehicle

# Firmware alarm notifies of any power interruptions

# “Live Track” maps its actual location in real time (not remotely viewing over the internet, but while locally connected through USB)

# Integrated directly into Google™ Earth for worldwide use and fully compatible with many other off-the-shelf mapping programs

# Requires Windows™ XP or Vista (32-bit) compatible computer with USB1.1/2.0 port Operating System Windows™ XP or Windows™ Vista (32-bit) Processor Intel® Pentium® PIII 500 MHz Memory 128Mb RAM Storage 200Mb hard-disk space Graphics 3D capable video card with 16Mb VRAM Screen 1024×768, 32-bit (true color) Connections USB 2.0 or 1.1 port


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